Hello!! This is my 2nd follow forever to thank everyone for another milestone I’ve achieved! Thank you so much to every single beautiful blogger on here for making my experience so enjoyable. To those who stayed despite changes in my blogging style (idk when it happened tbh), thank you! To those who used to follow and realized my blog was poop, thank you too (for dealing with me for a certain period of time :))! I’ve followed so many new, wonderful bloggers so here are the current list:

P.S this also includes blogs from my beast blog here

P.P.S i’ve included everyone i follow on here but tumblr stuffs up and i’m bound to miss a few so if you don’t see your name here please do let me know! (after slapping me with whatever weapon you choose) : ))) oh!! and recently tumblr ‘unfollowed’ quite a few blogs and i can’t seem to figure out who so…let me know if you think you’re one of those people!

P.P.P.S I have categorised blogs based on fandom/blogging style BUT! i know a lot of you belong into more than one so i’ve put you under the type i see more of/ i first followed for ok now shut up cathy

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get to know me meme: favorite male bias // yong junhyung (B2ST) 1/5

Hard to love,
How to love.



Happy birthday Son Dongwoon (06/06/1991 - 06/06/2014)

BEAST for first look [x]

doojoon… pls

make me choose: infinite’s dongwoo or beast’s dongwoon